Michael Sall: Author & The Best Gin Rummy Player in NYC

Living Legend Among Gin Players

Michael Sall, author of Gin Rummy: A Predator’s Guide, climbed his way up from playing in country club games in Philadelphia in the 70s to being the best money gin player in New York City by the 80s.

Gin Rummy: A Predators Guide

The author shares secrets and insights gained over many successful years of play. This is a tool for both club players and those capable of advancing to a professional level, especially gamblers. It is the only high-level book ever written on the subject. In addition to explaining general theory and strategy, it reviews most if not all the particular plays in the game. Included is a thorough analysis of partners’ gin. An absolute prerequisite for use is an understanding of the rules.


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Michael Sall is a living legend among gin players and professional gamblers. He’s the best money gin player in New York City since the 1980s.

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